Car Racing on Ice

SATURDAY, February 15, 2020
Registration: Tent on Ice 9am to 11am
Racing at 12 noon

Cost: $5 spectator admission (children 10 & under free)

The Northern Alberta Sports Car Club Annual Ice Race Championship is coming to Alberta Beach!  Racing cars on ice is exciting to watch, some might call it crazy.  

There is wild action out on track, with snow flying, cars swapping places in wheel to wheel battles.  Come out and enjoy the excitement of watching drivers push way beyond the limits of traction, as they dare the snowbanks to bounce them back onto the track and slide around their competitors.

There are “Rubber” races on snow tires, Studded class races on tires with 50 bolts run through them, and even a special Vette class (Chevette, that is).

Watch non-stop action from Noon to 4 pm, Saturday, February 15,2020
For further info Contact Jed Harrison at or check out their website at