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Off Road Safety

  • Avoiding alcohol or drugs before or during riding 

  • Staying on trails and areas where riding is permitted. 

  • Becoming familiar with the snowmobile or ATV you ride. 

  • Keeping your machine properly maintained. 

  • Operating at safe and reasonable speeds. 

  • Using extra caution when riding during the evening or night. 

  • Becoming familiar with the terrain you travel. 

  • Avoiding travel over unfamiliar bodies of water. 

  • Listening to the weather forecast before you venture out. 

  • Always wear a safety certified helmet and proper, layered clothing. 

  • Ride with a buddy or within a group. 

  • Informing someone where you are going and when you plan to return. 

  • Carrying emergency supplies and learning survival skills. 


  • I will be a good sportsman, I recognize that people judge all snowmobile owners by my actions. 

  • I will use my influence with other snowmobile owners to promote sportsman-like conduct. 

  • I will not litter trails or camping areas. I will not pollute streams or lakes. 

  • I will not damage living trees, shrubs or other natural features. 

  • I will respect other people’s property and rights. 

  • I will lend a helping hand when I see someone in distress. 

  • I will make myself and my vehicle available to assist search and rescue parties. 

  • I will not interfere with or harass hikers, skiers, snowshoers, ice-fishermen or other winter sportsmen. I will respect their rights to enjoy our recreation facilities. 

  • I will know and obey all Federal, Provincial and local rules regulating the operation of snowmobiles in areas where I use my vehicle. 

  • I will not harass wildlife. I will avoid areas posted for the protection or feeding of wildlife. 

  • I will not snowmobile where prohibited. 

  • I will support my local snowmobile club and Alberta Snowmobile Association. 


A new OHV bylaw came into effect in Alberta Beach on January 13, 2004 which allows the use of off-highway vehicles within the Village limits of Alberta Beach on certain locations. 


Off-highway vehicles are not permitted to travel on 47th Street or on 50th Avenue except to cross them. If a Resident of the Village, you may utilize other streets, avenues and alleys, but must choose the most direct route to make their way to permitted areas outside the Village limits. Off-highway vehicles are not permitted in the parks or school grounds. All riders of off-highway vehicles must wear a helmet, and there cannot be more riders on the vehicle than permitted by the manufacturer. The speed limit for off-highway vehicles in the village is 10 km/hr and they are not to be operated between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am. 


The Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations and the Traffic Safety Act also governs the use of off-highway vehicles when in the Village limits as well as outside the Village limits. 


Any person found contravening any section of the by-law could face a fine and seizure of the off-highway vehicle.

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