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No Snow Sculpting/ this year we are having Ice sculptures on ice

Saturday, Judging on Sunday     

Parking lot across from AB Lions Park

To register, call Lori: (780) 299-7676


Let your creativity run wild – no experience required for this Sno-fun competition! Blocks of snow 4 feet wide, by 4 feet high, by 8 feet long will be made and delivered to the Off the Beach Foods parking lot. 

Basic Rules: 


No colour – just snow.


Minimal accessories – ( if you made a snowman, you might use rocks for eyes) – just snow is your best bet.

Start creating and carving on Friday or Saturday.

Judging will commence after lunch on Sunday, and plaques awarded for first, second and third place.

There will be a numbered sign at each snow block. You may label, name and/or describe your creation if you wish.

Weekend events 

Saturday | Sunday | Monday

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