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OHV Novelty Challenge


Registration: 9 am - 10:30 am, at Agliplex

Registration: $5.00 for Kids Events (4 - 15 years)

OHV Event on Ice 11:15 am - 1:15pm 


Be prepared for enjoyment and laughter at this distinctively fun-filled event!

This event is for kids (4 – 15 years) events that are designed for challenge and fun. Try out the Cross County Track or Slalom Races (for ATV’s or snowmobiles). All entries must supply their own ATV or snowmobile.

All provincial laws pertaining to insurance and registration are in effect as this event is on public property.


               Junior (11-15)

               Kids (7-10)

               Mini (4-6)

ATV & Snowmobile Events...

Junior Snowmobile SnowX

Junior Snowmobile Slalom

Junior ATV SnowX

Junior ATV Slalom

Kids Snowmobile SnowX

Kids Snowmobile Slalom

Kids ATV SnowX

Kids ATV Slalom

Mini Sleds Slalom

Mini Sleds Snow X

Snowmobile Snow X

Snowmobile Slalom


Weekend events 

Saturday | Sunday | Monday

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