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Drag Race Rules


Registration Agliplex:  9am-11am

All racers must be registered before 11:00am at the Agliplex. 

All provincial laws pertaining to insurance and vehicle registration are in effect as this event is on public property. Upon the conclusion of the races, presentations will take place at the Agliplex. First, second and third place winners (in all categories) will receive awards 50% payback of total entry fees will be awarded to first and second place winners in the Improved and Specialty Class. 

There is no fan-cooled in stock or improved class. 

Stock and improved stock can move up a class in their category as per director's discretion.

There are liquid and fan classes within the Vintage drag class. 


The King of Snow events will award the first place winners with a award and 80% payback from the total entry fees for that event. 

 No alcohol or Drugs anywhere!

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Mini sled $5 

Vintage Fan $20 

Vintage L/C $20 

500 cc $20 

600cc $20 

700cc $20 

800cc $20 

900cc $20 

1000cc $20 


Mini sled $5 

500cc $30 

600cc $30 

700cc $30 

800cc $30 

900cc $30 

1000cc $30 


Open Mod 800 $30 

Open Mod 1000 $30 

Open King of the Snow $50  

600 Snowcross $30 

Mountain 800 $30 

Mountain 900 $30 

Mountain 1000 $30 

Mountain unlimited $30 

Stock King of Snow $30 

Vintage show & shine, Free 


  • All machines must have valid liability insurance 

  • All riders must wear a helmet whenever sled is in motion – pits, staging, everywhere 

  • All riders must wear an approved helmet, proper eye protection, and suitable clothing while on the track 

  • Fan cooled class – minimum age 14 yrs. (excluding mini’s) 

  • All other classes – minimum age 16 yrs 

  • Mini sled drags classes

  • 120 and 200 stock classes

  • 120 improved class

  • Mini Mod class - must be a mini sled chassis as per directors discretion 




  • Sled # goes on both sides of hood or windshield 

  • Must have functional tether or throttle safety switches 

  • Tether cords must be attached to the operator whenever sled is running above idle speed 

  • Must have functional clutch & belt guards 

  • Any sled with picks must have track enclosed by tunnel & secured full length snow flap 

  • Every driver must have a snowmobile and sign a waiver 




  • All sleds must go through tech inspection. You may not leave the pits once teched 

  • We reserve the right to inspect any sled at any time for any reason 

  • Pit speed limit 10 km/h 

  • Return lane limit 30 km/h 

  • Ski lifting or dangerous driving in pits or return lane may result in disqualification 

  • NO lifting rear of sled by hand & spinning the track! 

  • Must use a suitable shield behind sled to spin track whether on the ice or on a stand. Use caution & be aware of bystanders – especially behind the machine. 




  • Track length, 660 feet (1/8 mile) 

  • Race order & lane position will be posted on race board 

  • Rider is responsible to know their heats & lanes, and be ready in staging 

  • If you are not going to be in your heat, tell the director so there is no delay in races 

  • Rider only in staging & at the start line 

  • Must start & finish in the assigned lane 

  • False or jump start may be scored as a loss 

  • Rider must have BOTH feet on running boards from start to finish 

  • Return to pits in order of finish 

  • Finish positions will be determined by finish line ONLY! 

  • No discrepancies regarding finish position will be discussed once down return lane 

  • Race director is solely responsible for final decisions 

  • Protests of another sled must be submitted by two drivers in the same class. May only be submitted by drivers. Fee $250 cash. If found legal, the money goes to sled that was torn down. 

  • For all issues - Race officials will consider polite requests only. Arguing may result in disqualification. REMEMBER –everyone here is a volunteer! 



  • If you are not sure what category your sled fits into, please ASK WHEN REGISTERING 

  • NOTE: 440/ 600 snowcross sleds will not be run in any stock class – enter snowcross, improved, or mod. 

  • Machines over 10 years old will be classed at director’s discretion. 

  • All sleds MUST HAVE functional tether or throttle safety switches 

  • Rubber tracks only, unless a stock original part 

  • No picks in any class except mod & SNO-X. 


4 STROKES (Listing the lowest class you may enter)



Attack Apex 1000 cc 4 cyl,

Stock: -- 700 stk,/ mtn 800

Modified: 700 imp/, mtn 800 Nos: mod 800

Turbo:mod /mtn unlimited/ 

RX-1,Warrior, 998 4 cyl

Viper NytroVector Rage 975 & 1049 3 cyl

Stk- 600 stk, Mod – 600 Imp/Mtn 800 with NOS –Mod 800 Turbo Mod/mtn unlimited

Phazer: 500

Stock: 500 stk

Modified: imp 500  

NOS- mod 800 turbo – mod/mtn unlimited

Sidewinder 1000

Stk Imp 1000 - Mod - mod/mtn unlimited


Arctic Cat:

660 Non-turbo-- 500 stk

660 Modified--  500 imp

660 Stock turbo- 700 stk

660 Modified turbo- unlimited

7000 models 2018 1049 triple

Stock -600 stk/Mtn 800               

Mod- 600 imp/mtn 800 with NOS mod 800

Turbo – mod/mtn unlimited

1100 models 1056 Twin

Stk – 700 stk/mtn 800 - Mod – 700imp/mtn 800N with NOS- Mod 800 Turbo-mod/mtn unlimited

1100 Turbo models 1056 twin with Factory tu

Stk – imp 1000 Mod – mod/mtn unlimited

ZR 9000 - 1000cc 3 cyl with factory turbo

Stk - imp 1000 - mod - mtn unlimited


Ski Doo

600 twin  -   Stock 500  

600 twin mod –Imp 500  

Nos:  mod 800 -  

Turbo: mod/mtn unlimited, 

1000 Twin: 500 stk, mod 500 imp

Nos: Mod 800: turbo’d – mod/mtn unlimited 

900 & 1200 3 cyl: 600 stk,/ mtn 800 

Modified: 600 imp/, mtn 800

Nos: mod 800/mtn 800

Turbo:mod/ mtn unlimited – 


FST 750:-- 500 Stk

FST 750 Factory Turbo:-- 1000 Imp

Modified Turbo –mod/mtn unlimited 



  • Must have functional clutch/belt guards, without hood / pan need enclosed guard.

  • Any sled with picks must have track enclosed by tunnel as per ISR regulations, and secured full-length snow flap.

  • NOS allowed in all classes

  • Turbo / Superchargers may run in unlimited and king only.



  • MX Z X —XCR/IQ —ZR/sno-pro Designated ‘factory race’ sled class. Picks allowed with tunnel enclosure. May also run in improved and MOD. Picks only allowed in Snowcross and MOD.




• Custom built, factory built, or modified for mountain use.

• Functional clutch/belt guards

• Full travel suspension, minimum 6” downward travel, no limiting.

• Chassis and engine must be in ‘mountain ride-able’ configuration. 

• Minimum 144 X 2” track No track lug trimming - lugs must be full original length.

   No Picks

• NOS allowed in all mtn classes

• Aftermarket Turbo / Superchargers may run in unlimited and King only.




• 20 Years And Older (2002 and Prior)

• There will be a fan class and a liquid cooled class.



NOT ALLOWED:Any Modification Which May Increase Power Or Lower Weight Such As, But Not Limited To:

  • Non-original pipes or mufflers, internal or external engine mods,– carb / intake / rotary valve / reed changes , removal of or lightweight chassis parts.

  • Traction products – picks / screws 

  • Fuel additives / race / aviation fuel/fuel programmers


  • Carb/clutch/chassis tuning and adjusting.

  • Max overbore 0.020”

  • Any rubber track, any track drivers, tunnel and rail extensions.

  • Add/remove idler wheels – no big wheel kits

  • Suspension tie downs – but must maintain 2” travel.

  • Any skis minimum 36”

  • Removal of windshield & hood grilles

  • Replacement of stock airbox with air filters

  • External jetting systems

  • Replacement chassis parts at director’s discretion.

  • Bolt in’ after market parts in stock clutches, no machining to install – no engagement RPM limit




  • Stroke changes

  • Boring beyond 1% over class cc limit

  • Nitrous hardware-functional or not

  • Engine block must look stock for the model

  • Picks / Traction products


  • Fuel

  • Clutches

  • Silenced exhaust

  • Airbox / filters

  • Cooling system mods

  • Bored stock carbs

  • Internal engine mods-porting etc.

  • Big bore kits to 1% over class limit

  • ‘Same brand’ engine swaps at directors discretion


  • Rolled chaincase

  • Front suspension 

  • Rear suspension 

  • Hood / seat / body panels 

  • Jackshaft + drive axle 

  • Removal/lightening of chassis parts.

Weekend events 

Saturday | Sunday | Monday

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